Mushroom Town

A Magical Kingdom Hidden Amongst The Ferns & Foxgloves Deep Within The Ancient Forest

Framed Prints - Coming Soon online but available at events

Enchanting Pictures

We looked high and low for a frame supplier who made the 'perfect' frame for Mushroom Town. The frames are made in Yorkshire, not too far from Mushroom HQ , they come in a variety of soft colours to compliment the pictures and your home.

Quality Frames

We offer framed prints in a standard 10 x 8 inch size, and hope in the future to offer larger sizes. We offer three standard colours, Dusty Pink, Rustic White and Earl Grey. The frames are made of Polycore and no trees were harmed in their manufacture.

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Certificate of Authenticity

Currently we only sell framed prints at events, but are looking into ways of posting them safely and cost effectively to our customers, if you would like a framed print before then get in touch as it can be arranged on a one off basis. All pictures come with a certificate of authenticity.