Mushroom Town

A Magical Kingdom Hidden Amongst The Ferns & Foxgloves Deep Within The Ancient Forest

Justin Also paints murals for private residences, commercial premises & hospitals.

About Mushroom Town

Mushroom Town is a magical world which continues to be discovered by Artist & Illustrator Justin Lowe.

Justin grew up and still lives in the same small country town he has called home since being a small child. It's an inspiring place set against the rolling hills of the East Yorkshire Wolds, with a castle, two gatehouses, a shimmering stream and an abundance of charming houses and places to explore.

Just outside the little town are many winding paths which lead to magical woodlands, valleys and fresh water springs abundant with all manner of flora & fauna.

Justin's imagination has always been incredibly vivid which was helped all the more by having an actual Secret Garden accessed through a small gap in the garden hedge. He spent many happy hours sitting in the trees, paddling in the stream and learning about wildlife and the natural world around us.

Justin is a trained Horticulturalist and has won several awards and accolades from RHS judges, but these days he prefers a quieter life and so his career now is primarily based around Art, Illustration and the promotion of well being.

It was quite by chance that Justin discovered Mushroom Town, always being one for noticing detail he certainly made the most magical of discoveries! Read the story on the Gallery Page.

The Illustrations

The illustrations you see and love have been carefully recorded from actual scenes in Mushroom Town, and although it's precise location is a closely guarded secret you can visit anytime simply by dipping into your imagination!

Each picture is skillfully created using artist quality pencils, inks and paint. Justin hopes you find enjoyment, peace and harmony by looking through the images on the site. If you wish to supports Justin's Mushroom Town venture you can buy various high quality goods from his online shop or become a Mushroom Town Stockist.