Mushroom Town

A Magical Kingdom Hidden Amongst The Ferns & Foxgloves Deep Within The Ancient Forest

Welcome to one and all!

You have stumbled across the Enchanting Kingdom of Mushroom Town, we are all so pleased you have come to see us. If this is your first visit you'll be enthralled with our beautiful homes, shops and palaces, each one is totally unique.

The ancient forest is a restful place far away from the troubles of life, it is a place to reconnect with your inner child to find peace and harmony. Visitors are welcome at any time night or day, so stay a while, find some lodgings, tell your stories to the residents and set your imagination free.

While you are here why not take away a little souvenir to remember your visit. The beautiful range of illustrations of our town have been made into beautiful products and are suitable for the young and young at heart!

We are most humbly grateful for your visit to us today, to learn more about us read the story below....

Lord and Lady Truffle

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About Mushroom Town

The Discovery of Mushroom Town...

Welcome to the Royal Kingdom of Mushroom Town - An enchanting place hidden away in the forest amongst the ferns and foxgloves. Just like our world, there are houses, shops, country manors and palaces carved out from the beautiful mushrooms which grow there.

I discovered Mushroom Town whilst following the course of a small stream through the forest one cool Spring morning, eventually it led me to a small clearing where the sun shone down through the trees. Small wisps of smoke came up from amongst the primroses and bluebells, rising up through the suns rays into the air. I gently knelt down in the dewy foliage to see where these were coming from and there before my eyes, hidden behind a foxglove was a tiny house as perfect and proportioned as any of ours but carved from a mushroom! The minature front door was just big enough to be opened with my little finger, so I peered inside to see a crackling fire and finely upholstered chair...

The residents of Mushroom Town have sworn me to secrecy regarding its precise location, but kindly allow me to visit with my sketchbook to record some of the fascinating houses, shops and is with the utmost respect to my friends there and with their blessing that I present to you this collection of images, both for your viewing pleasure and your enjoyment.